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Family Mediations

for separated and divorced couples

Help for families and children

For couples who are separating, divorced, or on the verge of a serious relationship breakdown.

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Divorce and Family Mediation

Separation and divorce is one of the most stressful events for individuals, and can have short and long-term impact on children, if not handled properly.  

Mediation (or out-of-court dispute resolution) can help couples obtain a satisfactory, realistic and sustainable agreement in issues such as parenting arrangement, guardianship, spousal support and child support, in a non-adversarial manner.  

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Mediation process

A mediation process generally begins with the parties finding a mediator both parties agree on using.  The parties and the mediator will sign an agreement to mediate.  

The mediator will then meet with each of the parties separately.  This is sometimes called a pre-mediation session.  This session helps the mediator find out the issues that are contentious, differences and common interests of the parties.  At this time, the mediator also screens for family violence, power imbalance, and any safety issues.    

After the pre-mediation session, the parties set the mediation date.  The length of time needed for mediation generally depends on the numbers of issues to be resolved.  It usually takes one full day. 

At the end of the mediation, the mediator will help the parties draft a memorandum of understanding, or separation agreement.  

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Choosing the right mediator

When choosing a mediator to use for your family case, consider training, experience, reputation, availability, and cost.  The mediator should be knowledgeable about the current family law legislation.  In British Columbia, the law that applies are the Family Law Act, Family Law Regulation, the Federal Child Support Guidelines and the Divorce Act.  

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Amity Resolution charges a flat day rate for the mediation of $2,500 per day ($1,250 per person), plus $250 pre-mediation session, and disbursements (if applicable).

Payment:  $500 deposit from each party to be paid at the time of booking the mediation date, and the balance to be paid 7 days before the mediation.

The cost of the mediation is usually shared equally by the parties (50% for each couple), unless written agreement is made to have the costs shared differently.  

Cancellation Policy:   If the mediation is cancelled less than 5 business days before the mediation, 50% of the day rate will be charged.

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Family Client Testimonial

Thank you for helping me with a parenting plan that my ex can agree to! - AL (Sept. 2022)

Jenny had been so helpful throughout the process. - LC (Oct. 2021)

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