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Why use mediation?  What are the benefits of mediation?


  • Less stress:  Mediation is a less formal resolution process.  

  • Win-win solution:  In a traditional lawsuit, one party wins, the other loses.  In a mediation, the parties together make a decision that is satisfactory and accepted by all parties. 

  • Speed: Compared with litigation, the process of mediation is much fast, so the parties can reach a settlement and focus on issues. 

  • Promotes cooperation and preserves relationship:  One of the most overlooked benefits of mediation is that it can help preserve relationships, business and personal, that would likely be destroyed through years of litigation. Because it is a collaborative, rather than adversarial process, and because mediation isn't inherently a win/lose process, important relationships can often be saved, and even improved.

  • Greater Flexibility and Control: In mediation, unlike in a lawsuit, the parties are in control. This means that the parties have a much greater say in negotiations and greater control over the outcome.

  • Better Results: For all the reasons above, parties generally report a better outcome as a result of mediation than they do from a lawsuit. Also, because there is no winner or loser, no admission of fault or guilt, and the settlement is mutually agreed upon, parties are typically more satisfied with mediation.

  • Greater Compliance: Finally, because mediation produces better results more quickly and cheaper, compliance with mediated dispute resolutions is generally higher than with lawsuits.

  • 在抗辩式的法庭诉讼中,当事人既会感到焦虑,而其日常生活又会受到打扰,这些都是自然而然的后果,但调解却可避免出现这些后果。

  • 当事人可避免诉讼及成为败诉一方的风险。

  • 当事人借着调解,可在良好的气氛下达成和解,避免与对方出现对峙的局面。

  • 当事人无须把争议诉诸法庭,既省时又省钱;相比于诉讼,调解的过程快捷得多,当事人因而可早日达成和解。

  • 当事人可自行作出决定和达成协议,因而会更愿意和作好准备遵守协议。

  • 和解协议的条款可保密和不外泄。

  • 通过调解,当事人可达成较灵活和实际的和解条款,该等条款往往超越法院所能作出的法律补救的局限;此外,由当事人因应相关争议,可自行制订独特的解决方案,亦是法院所无法提供的。

  • 调解有助维持各方当事人的关系,甚至改善彼此之间的关系。

  • 相对于诉讼而言,经调解后各方提出上诉的情况大大减少。


  • 如果当事人的争议牵涉一些未披露的商议事项,相对于讲求结构井然的法庭案件,调解可让当事人在不受法庭程序的规限下而找出该等商议事项。


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