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Effective, affordable, timely, confidential, maintain control.

Do you ever think about what is behind someone's stubborn position?  Why can't they see the logical (and obvious) reasoning?  Why can't they see things from your perspective?  Human beings have a tendency to select to see what we expect and what we want to see.  This is a called selective perception.  These differences in perception stem from our interests, experiences (especially from childhood or early adulthood) and biases.  At Amity Dispute Resolution, I use the interest-based mediation process, to help faciliate discussion between you and the other party that allow you to make your own decisions and solutions.  The process can result in a greater level of understanding, a bridge to mutual understanding and a mutually satisfactory resolution.


One benefit of mediation is that the parties maintain control of the outcome.  A mediator will work with you and the other party to better understand the position of each party and move the dispute into a positive, workable resolution.  Mediation has been proven to be an effective method for resolving disputes that is less costly.  The parties can resolve their disputes faster than going through a court proceeding.

Less expensive
Mediation is less costly than the traditional court process.  The average mediation cost is $1500 to $4000 (which is shared between the parties), depending on the complexity of the dispute and time it requires.  The legal fees and costs for the traditional court process can cost more than $25,000 for a two-day trial.  Usually, the losing party is responsible for all the costs including the other party's legal fees. 

Private and Confidential

The mediation process and the resolution are private and confidential.

If you would like more information or learn more about mediation, please visit Commonly Asked Questions Page, my blog post: What does a mediation look like? or contact us

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